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As a Revtecs partner you will receive a professional back office and a customized online service based on the very last IT technologies.

Corporate events

Revtecs-Network orgniazes corporate events for training and information.


The company has a free partner and client support service.



The product line permanently increases. The company delivers physical and online products the highest market demand.

Marketing tools

Every Revtecs partner has access to videos and professional documents on the products and the compensation plan.

Helping hands

Revtecs plans their own foundation to support kids in need planned. Success makes your responsible.

About us

Revtecs Network was founded in order to help people from all walk of life to have a better life.

We live in an era of research and development. New technologies are born every day to help us have an easier life. We have done huge progress in the field of communication and mobility among others. But those technologies bring their lot of negative counterparts. Electromagnetic stress and other side effects have been demonstrated to be very dangerous for our health.

This is where Revtecs Network comes into play, offering revolutionary technology products to support people against those odds.

Success starts with helping others!

With this new economic model, Revtecs offers a global opportunity for anyone, form any walk of life. We believe that anyone should have an opportunity to build his own business. Revtecs is the solution.

Our products

Revtecs means Revolution Technologies. On one side we find REVTECS Protection which is a line of products based on the latest in nanotechnologies. On the other you find REVTECS Base which is a modern online marketing tool.

Display Protection

Display Protection

It is an innovative Nano protection of high technology that is being laid over your smartphone like a second skin, that will protect you long term. Very easy to use, it will penetrate the structure of the glass or plastic and will make it so slick that nothing will adhere on it anymore, not even bacteria.

A certificate proves a reduction of the bacteria development up to 99%.

We are also exposed to high electromagnetic waves all day long. Smartphone manufacturers warn users to avoid holding the phone near the head when phoning. Effects could be dramatic. Revtecs Protection comes again into play.

Many additional effects come with Revtecs Protection. It also strengthen the surface against scratches and breakage. Easier cleaning of fingerprints, grease, dirt, dust… Liquids drop off.

This product will protect your smartphone, tablet, game consol and many other surfaces for the long term. Those products are simply amazing in making life easier an safer. Everyone should use them.

Windshield Protection

Windshield Protection

Die Revtecs - Protection ist ein Produkt, welches auf neuester Nano-Technologie basiert. Verwenden Sie das Produkt um die Frontscheibe Ihres Fahrzeuges zu behandeln. Diese wird resistenter gegen Steinschläge und Kratzer. Insekten können kaum noch haften bleiben. Wasser perlt bei Regen einfach ab. Schnee und Eis zu entfernen wird einfacher denn je. Fahren Sie mit klarer Sicht auch bei schlechten Wetterverhältnissen. Es geht um die Sicherheit und Freude beim Fahren.

You may also apply Revtecs Protection on any glass surface in your home.

On the windshield, it will last at least 20 000 kms, but we suggest you apply it before and after the winter.

Pozitron Plus

Pozitron Plus

The basic function of Pozitron Plus is neutralizing every radiation what is against our nature, makes them compatible with human physiology. Whether in your home, your hand bag where you smartphone is, in the office, in your car or outside with so many high voltage lines, you are constantly exposed to various radiations.

Whether in your home, your hand bag where you smartphone is, in the office, in your car or outside with so many high voltage lines, you are constantly exposed to various radiations.

POZITRON PLUS is certainly the best investment you may make for protection your health and that of your loved ones, so you all have a safer and more harmonious life.

Revtecs offers 2 innovating products in the Pozitron Plus line. Both bring the same benefits. The difference is in the capacity:

Pozitron Plus 1M offers a protection in a 1 meter distance and Pozitron Plus 3M for a distance of 3 meters.

The small product is auto adhesive, and therefore ideal for small devices such as smartphones, routers, wallets or even your mattress. Pozitron Plus 3M is perfect for your work environment, your car, your handbag, or simply your pocket as your best friend anywhere you go.

Many institutes such as EUNES confirm that POZITRON Plus is efficient to protect the space around you form all such radiations.
-90% Water vein radiation
-90% Technical radiation
-90% Hartmann knot
-90% Curry knot

Revtecs Base

Revtecs Base

The Revtecs BASE is the tool you were waiting for to build your online business on autopilot.

Whether your want to present your business, promote a product or a service, or simply keep in touch with your clients or announce a new promotion, or want to develop a coaching program all automated, the BASE will be your best friend to save what you have most precious: Your Time!

It allows you to configurate your information, coaching, recruiting system entirely automated and in several languages. Revtecs BASE is simple and powerful.

The Revtecs BASE will be useful whatever your activity. Whether you are in the Networking, Automobile, Catering, hotel, travel industry or any other field, the BASE will allow you to work more efficiently and all automated. Use the new technologies for your benefit! We have the tools.
We do have the tool!

When big things come from a small idea it`s time to share them with others!

Claas Kasch


Become a Revtecs Network partner and take advantage of an infinite market potential.