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Protection Box

2 x Revtecs Protection Display

It is an innovative Nano protection of high technology that is being laid over your smartphone like a second skin, that will protect you long term. Very easy to use, it will penetrate the structure of the glass or plastic and will make it so slick that nothing will adhere on it anymore, not even bacteria.

A certificate proves a reduction of the bacteria development up to 99%.

We are also exposed to high electromagnetic waves all day long. Smartphone manufacturers warn users to avoid holding the phone near the head when phoning. Effects could be dramatic. Revtecs Protection comes again into play.

A lab of reference has recognized a reduction in radiations raging between 70% and 90% depending on the smartphone.

Many additional effects come with Revtecs Protection. It also strengthen the surface against scratches and breakage. Easier cleaning of fingerprints, grease, dirt, dust… Liquids drop off.

This product will protect your smartphone, tablet, game consol and many other surfaces for the long term. Those products are simply amazing in making life easier an safer. Everyone should use them.

2 x Revtecs Protection Windshield

Die Revtecs - Protection ist ein Produkt, welches auf neuester Nano-Technologie basiert. Verwenden Sie das Produkt um die Frontscheibe Ihres Fahrzeuges zu behandeln. Diese wird resistenter gegen Steinschläge und Kratzer. Insekten können kaum noch haften bleiben. Wasser perlt bei Regen einfach ab. Schnee und Eis zu entfernen wird einfacher denn je. Fahren Sie mit klarer Sicht auch bei schlechten Wetterverhältnissen. Es geht um die Sicherheit und Freude beim Fahren.

You may also apply Revtecs Protection on any glass surface in your home.

On the windshield, it will last at least 20 000 kms, but we suggest you apply it before and after the winter.

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